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Minimalist RPG - Day 1
posted May 08, 2008 by eedok
Well reading Tales of the Rampant Coyote, I came across a post where he talks about a minimalist RPG, inspired by hackenslash I decided I'm going to try my hand at building this RPG in one week (I may need more time than 40 hours as I'm not quite as experienced as Jay).

Tools I've used so far:
  • Adobe Flex SDK - I want the final product to be playable in a browser, and the free products that come to mind are java applets, silverlight, and flex. Java applets are slow for most people and a lot of people have conflicting virtual machines, silverlight doesn't seem to have a noticeable install base yet, so I'm sticking with flex, plus I have flex experience doing reports at my last day job
  • Microsoft Paint - so I can throw together filler graphics, and using it design levels
  • Python - For any quick scripts, like turning a bitmap into a usable level
  • Pygame - I just use it for image manipulation as it's what I'm familiar with
  • Notepad++ - my editor of choice

Day 1 report
Today was mostly spent designing this game, the design I've settled on is the RPG is going to consist of a single attribute being power, you can kill monsters with a lower power than you, but if their power is greater you die. You gain more power by killing the monsters. The controls for the game are going to be arrows to move, and space to rest(to regenerate power). The game is going to take place in a single level that won't be random where the goal is to kill the end monster.
Development wise, I've just laid out the level, and threw in some filler monsters. I designed the level in paint, and just used a converter to convert the level to a csv, and added the monsters by another csv of their power and location. I haven't done any coding yet, so hopefully by the end of tomorrow I'll have a playable prototype(with filler graphics, no intro/end screen, and no sound), so I can start getting feedback as quick as possible.

Wish me luck and I'll keep you guys updated tomorrow.

EDIT: I guess I'll post the source to the level converter which takes a bitmap and converts it to csv of 1's and 0's based on if the pixel is black or not:

import pygame

image = pygame.image.load("level.bmp")

f = file("level.txt","w")

w,h = image.get_size()

for y in range(0,h):

    for x in range(0,w):

        if image.get_at((x,y)) == (0,0,0,255):




        if x!=w-1:




Day 2 >

Fistvsface/Mr.Recovery says:
Still doesn't say how many moves you used!

eedok says:
should be fixed now

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