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Link Free for all

Other Awesome Games - Awesome games a long with an awesome community

Game Development - Massive site with tons of content - A nice site to quickly get started with Java Game Programming - Awesome site for all things programming

Tools - An awesome free 3D modeler - A great free Image Editor - A great set of commands to edit images - An awesome library to make games with - An awesome scripting language with a great standard library - SDL bindings for python - A great sound editor - My Windows editor of choice - My *nix editor of choice - All the utilities you need to make java games - Killer Java IDE - Powerful 3D editor(a bit of a steep learning curve though) - Linux without the extra garbage most distributions come with - A much gentler Linux distribution

Others - A place to upload images/text/etc - Tons of information - The best internet show - Aggregating news site - Social Networking