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New Project: Scribbler
posted August 17, 2009 by eedok

Scribbler is a simple pixel by pixel, pixel art editor, inspired by resedit on my old palm, it's toggle based on the color of the pixel you're touching to minimize the amount of movement needed to draw/correct mistakes, and has support for almost any size image as well as a completely customizable palette. Stay tuned for more details.

Spate released on
posted April 19, 2009 by eedok
Spate puts you inside a poorly run factory where it's not managed that well as they seem to ship radioactive material with candy. This factory also for some reason has it so when 3 or more of the same type of boxes touch they disappear and give you points, and letting a box hit the floor is a bad thing, but instead of wondering about all this non-seniscleness you should being playing Spate

Another way of saying this is, are you bored? Why not master Spate?

Forums Up!
posted March 15, 2009 by eedok
According to my analytics software I have around 10 regular visitors, so I decided to have another go at this forum thing again, seeing as how the number of regular visitors has increased by 10 since the last time I tried :p

New Server
posted March 04, 2009 by eedok
Well my last host couldn't handle an update I attempted, so I moved the site again, if you made a post on the old site and it's not here I'm sorry but it's probably lost in the limbo.

anyhow stay tuned for an update.

Time to put yourself in the middle of a robot assault
posted December 28, 2008 by eedok
STAR which is an acronym for Survive The Angry Robots is finally ready to go. You might be wondering just how angry these robots are, and to answer that question, they are angrier than boxers who have their McDonalds french fries stolen. They are angrier than 10 mockingbirds who just missed out on pirate booty. They are even angrier than witty game reviewers reviewing horrible games. Not only are they angrier than all those things, but they're angrier than all of them put together. You kind of wonder who was it that programmed them to be so angry.

Oh wait that was me, anyhow play it now, and for your enjoyment there's a surprise after the 22nd level.

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