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New Game - Block Juggler
posted September 02, 2008 by eedok
Added a new game I made for fun, what are you waiting for play it now and see if you can get your name on the leaderboard

Minor Redesign
posted July 23, 2008 by eedok
Did a minor redesign to the site to make it look the same in IE7 and firefox, and to make it so the ads don't stick out so badly.

Other than the skyscraper ad going outside the layout when the page is short, I think the new layout works a bit better than the old one.

Castle Underwe Ported to Flash
posted May 28, 2008 by eedok
I made Castle Underwe into a flash game, to eliminate the problems people were having with installing the game, and using unsupported OSes, you can play it here

Castle Underwe Released!
posted May 13, 2008 by eedok
Castle Underwe was a project I challenged myself to do a week before starting my new job, and can be downloaded on the games page. I also kept a rather complete development journal while making the game, so those who are interested can look into how this game was made.

New Feature
posted September 25, 2007 by eedok
Just added a blog to the site, done for 2 reasons, the first to better familiarize myself with the web framework that powers the site, and secondly to give an excuse to update the site more often without cluttering up the news part.

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